Are You Getting The Highest Profits In Your Ebay Auctions?

Ninety-five percent of eBay sellers are wasting money because they do not know the answers to these simple questions. This causes expensive mistakes.

Now you can test your knowledge, and find out if you are getting the highest prices in your auctions, or wasting money and profits.

Just take this simple quiz and see if you are getting the highest bids possible in your eBay auctions.

Do you know the answers to these questions?

1. Would you pay a quarter for a penny? 17 percent of eBay sellers regularly spend quarters to get pennies. What is this common mistake made by over 17 percent of eBay sellers?

2. What listing upgrades are always a waste of money?

3. What is the most common mistake made by eBay sellers?

4. Which eBay listing option always results in a 12-15 percent lower ending price?

5. What's the one thing that will destroy a buyer's confidence and cause him to leave your auction without bidding?

6. What is a simple trick with pictures to make your auction stand out?

7. What two common seller mistakes will always cause lower final selling prices?

8. What is the most common reason people who start eBay businesses fail?

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