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This newsletter list is ONLY used for affiliate announcements. I'll let you know when I release new products, run special offers and develop new tools for my affiliates.


Currently, affiliates get 50 percent of all Auction Revolution sales after credit card fees. That means you will get $18.07 for every sale.

When you use the links below to send traffic to the AR website, you will also get paid for sales on the IWantCollectibles site. IWantCollectibles forum commission pay out is 50% of the sale price (Pricesranges from 19.97 to $87) less Clickbank commissions.

Advise your readers to take the quiz, and tell share your experiences with the Auction Revolution System with them. Don't forget to tell them to buy the book.

All Products are sold through If you are not already signed up with Clickbank you can become an affiliate here:

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When you sign up with Clickbank, you will create a nickname. Mine is "nalroo."

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